Pro bono

We make a difference in our community and in the lives of people who could not afford a legal advisory.


We are proud of our deep-rooted, long-standing and greatly valued pro bono commitment. Our work for pro bono Clients involves all areas of practice. We give the same unwavering engagementand expertise to our pro bono matters as we do to all other legal issues.


In consequence the spirit of public service enriches our understanding of the larger communities of which we are a part. Community involvement is an essential dimension to the growth and development of our firm as we simply know we are citizens of those communities.


We are privileged to serve those in need. Whether protecting constitutional rights, working to preserve environment, representing indigent individuals in criminal cases, battling slumlords, defending the elderly, the homeless, the disabled or facilitating adoptions our lawyers have advocated on behalf of those who could not otherwise afford it.


We strongly encourage our lawyers to participate in pro bono culture as part of their ongoing caseload and support such attitude throughout their careers. We let our young lawyers devote a substantial portion of their time to handle pro bono cases by assisting needy individuals or organizations seeking guidance in navigating our justice system. It seems obvious to us that less-experienced attorneys obtain valuable experience on pro bono matters in the form of greater responsibilities and client contact. We do believe pro bono work enriches practices of our lawyers and strengthens their abilities to apply their talents in a variety of situations.


We simply want to share our success.